sup guys, im interested in what you all have to say about these subjects.Do any of you truly understand relativity and time dilation?if so please explain. i think i understand how relativity and time dilation works but im not 100% sure if im correct.i droped out of school at age 16 so bare with me here XD so lets start with what atoms are made :) i know what im asking might be confusing but please try to understand my points lol. i mean what are they really made of, i have heard that they are made of protons and particles, and the protons and particles are made of quarks or something.but what are those quarks made of? if you think about this deep enough, at the core of it all, doesnt everything have to be made of the same thing? isnt it impossible for matter to be made up of different components? i mean really think deep on if atoms are made of something, that something has to also be made of something and so on ect..., you see where this going? if everything ( and i mean everything) wasnt made out of the same thing, then this would be a never ending loop, it would be infinite.right? Now doesnt it make more sense to think that everything, at its core, is all made of the same thing?doesnt this sound like the only possible way for matter to exist? next topic is relativity and mass, here is where things start get ugly o.0 so, my understanding from what i have read, is that the faster matter moves, the more mass and energy it has, right?what really causes matter to gain mass when moving? now i have read that its acually possible to to travel in time (kinda) for example, astronauts who live in a space station that is orbiting earth, its said that they really traveled a few secs into the future when they return to earth.well, its more like the elapse time they experienced is a little less then the elapse time that we have experienced here on earth. i have heard that this is caused by the velocity at which they are orbiting earth. so if we put all the pieces together, it means that since the station is orbiting earth really fast, it has more mass and more energy. so doesnt this mean that a large chunk of mass is equivalent to a smaller chunk of mass thats traveling at a high velocity ? if this is all true, then isnt it safe to assume that that time dilates relative to a objects mass in order to keep the speed of light a constant speed? so, lets just pretend right quick, roll with me here lol. so in theory, (for example)if a person could just suddenly grow so large that the sun could fit in the palm of his hand, this means that this person would gain mass, so wouldnt this giant person be experiencing the flow of time differently from how a normal sized person would?i mean, really think about it. the distance between the sun and earth are completely different depending on ones size and perspective. for example, (this is just a example of my point) in the perspective of the giant, the distance between the sun and earth could be a arms length away from each other. ( please do not say " no his arm wouldnt reach the earth" or anything like that because that is not important nor the point) and from the normal sized persons perspective, the distance between the earth and sun would be far greater. so in theory, (just an example, accuracy is not important) lets say from the perspective of the giant, 10 minuets pass's , but in the same amount time it took for those 10 mins to pass for the giant, the smaller person would have experienced that alot more then 10 mins has passed.right?because of time dilation? since the giant has more mass, its equilavent to a smaller mass moving at high speeds, which in turn dilates time.............right?