Harmony Definition : Harmony is the use of simultaneous pitches. I want to create play charts to analyse the songs i love harmonically. I use chord sheets as start then convert those into play chart format by chord degrees. 1) For example there is bass guitar, vocals and drums in a song and we want to analyse its harmony. and for example when you take two beats and analyse the implying chord it may be Cmaj (along the two beats) but when you take 4 beats and analyse the implying chord it may be Cmaj7 (along the 4 beats) So how to know how many beats you take and analyse to find the implying chord? 2) Let's say in a song power chords are used on the guitar. However when you take into consideration vocal melodies the implying chords have major or minor qualities.2.1) How to create a play chart in a situation like this? So you should take into consideration all instruments to specify chords. Right? For example in the play chart of Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses) vocal melodies are taken into consideration because chords are not power chords. (On the original song on the guitar power chords are used)2.2) In the same mindset you should specify a chord as inversion chord if bass part plays 3rd or 5th of the implying chord. Right?