Hi everyone, I am trying to workout how to calculate a person exposure to danger given the following made up information: Chance of being hit by car = 1% Chance of assault = 3% Chance of dog attack = 0.5% Chance of contracting deadly disease = 0.2% How do I calculate the chances of being exposed to any of these possibilities? These are non conditional probabilities right? So would I add up: 1+3+0.5+0.2 and divide by 400 (4 x 100%)? This doesn't seem right as the answer is 1.1% probability of being exposed to the harm. Or is it: 1x3x0.5x0.2 and divide by 400? This also doesn't seem right as it results in 0.00075... I am confused, I have googled unconditional probabilites but I did not find anything helpful. The links tend to say, it is the total number of "A" (so possible harm = 4.7) divided by "N" which is the overall number of possibilities (so 400). 4.7/400 doesn't seem right. I want to make a formula that I can use to input information to test the probability of being hurt. Any help would be appreciated.