Sigh... :D Guys I'm all sorts of confused over here. Ok here's the question - Describe and explain the reducing ability of Group 7. Marks for it are - (4) / 99. I've probably been studying for too long, and then this tricky little question is landed on my lap. So I'm looking at the whole idea of oxidizing agents and reduction agents. I'm thinking group 7 - that the "reducing ability" is the measurement of an ion as a reducing agent??? Reducing as they are gaining electrons. But then I started looking at the meaning of "the agent" and I've confused myself into thing the halides as the agents - are actually oxidizing. And so it's reducing ability would be the measure of the thing as a oxidizing agent. I probably just need to sleep tbh. And I'm pretty sure it's the first one. Can someone give me a general kick in the right direction. Thanks guys