Hi,I am new to this site so bare with me. haI need some much needed help, I am currently talking to another person and he sent me this, I would appreciate any info on how to answer it. I have a few idea's but looking for some guidance. I believe he is hinting at a god behind these things. But since science does not know all.. some cases we do, but saying god is behind it is an extraordinary claim that has no evidence to back it up. So Occams's Razor can come in and take over. But I would like to know about the subjects in question below are answered by science or rather points to science but not known as of yet.- CheersHere it is:"thank you so much for the complete breakdown of my comments but then all your points still have God filled in gaps you left wide. Tell me, the universe started by accident or external force? Proteins are made from right handed amino acids but the only one simulated in the lab is left-handed,how come? RNA is assembled by accident? Why do onions have longer DNA than highly evolved humans? Has there been any evolved tardigrades? Can a 75 million years old dinosaur soft tissue of collagen and blood vessels be that old?"