He guy's, first time on the forum. My name is Douwe I'm Dutch and quite fond of everything about 'everything'. I didn't place this question in another thread because I need some real biology to answer two questions/scenario's. Currently I am making a first setup for the background story a fantasy book, but there are some science "fiction" questions I am not 100% sure about without asking some real experts first. Keep in mind, this is party fiction as well, but I want to create a realistic bridge between the known and the unknown to keep the smart readers interested as well. Basically the mini plot goes as follows. There is a giant vessel created by an alien race that needs to jump through the layers of the universe. Basically meaning they jump from their own universe into our own (a one time thing). It involves some high end technology that isn't friendly to living organisms (I have done some heavy research to make this method "plausible"). Basically everything dies in the proces (both plants, bacteria, every living cell). Not a single cell will survive this trip. All matter will stay intact, but the livings cells die instantly. They solve the problem with artificial intelligence etc etc.. but that is not important for my question. My question mostly is, is this enough to refrain "life", any living cell, from coming back on its own? I'm not talking about the creation of life, but in a way the resurrection of new life out of all dead matter - on its own, with no external help. There are three scenario's I'm working on right now, but I need some expert input.
  1. Imagine it as a giant dome that scoops up a giant piece of jungle. During the jump all living cells (none spared) die. Will 'nature' be able to create life again by itself? Even when all bacteria etc are dead. All living things basically become "pretty matter".
  2. Say living things drop dead during the event, all living cells die. I assume the rotting proces won't start because of this, but I am not 100% sure. What will happen to the dead matter if it isn't decomposed naturally. Will it turn into dust?
  3. Say the artificial intelligence would be able to intervene afterwards. Is it possible to create new living cells with external input in a place where there isn't any living cell.
Since this isn't a realistic scenario in our life (yet) I wonder what you guy's think will happen. If this still is a little too vague, please say so, but any answer would help.