I personally love how math and science teach me about the world around and I hope to inspire the same passion in my students, learning not for the sake of exams but to amass knowledge. As my JC class' Civic Tutor representative, I have started a group studying system in which my classmates and I were able to help each other in our weaker areas. It proved to be effective as we all saw improvements in our grades and also gave me ample opportunity to experience teaching my peers who were weaker in the Mathematics and Sciences (Biology and Chemistry). I will strive to follow the student's school curriculum and teach at the student's pace. As a result, I will not be recommending assessment books unless I see fit. Instead, I will encourage students to develop their own notes, in a way they understand best and in line with what they learn in school. I will also help students with homework they are unsure about. My principle when teaching students is not to provide them with answers but to guide their thought processes so they are able to reach the answers on their own. Achievements: A*STAR JC Science Award, Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2013 (Bronze), 3rd in cohort for H2 Biology JC Preliminary Examinations, top 20% for H2 Mathematics and H2 Chemistry JC Preliminary Examinations, graduate of VJC's prestigious Victoria Science, Mathematics and Research Talent Programme. I have taught two students for N Level Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, and Science (Physics/Chemistry). They have both achieved As and Bs for the tutored subjects, and of them was once failing Additional Mathematics.