My name is Jap and I have always had an insatiable passion for science, a deep appreciation for beauty in mathematics and a real love of sharing knowledge. I graduated one years ago with a MSc in Mechatronics from National university of singapore , and since then I have worked as both a graduate teaching assistant and reserch enginner  for maths and electro-mechnical system, but also have had a number of tutees that I have tutored face to face. My university degree and from working with previous tutees. I also have worked with students with specific learning difficulties, on there coding skills. I found that, while in school, my own personal method of learning did not coincide with the general teaching methods of the teachers at school, and so it was only when I was able to revise and learn in my own way, at university, did I feel that I really reached my potential. From this I felt that I obtained an understanding of the many different ways people learn, and have been able to tailor my sessions to the students needs. Tutoring maths and physics, and facilitating those, 'oh yeah' moments is what I really do love about teaching. You can contact me via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Enjoy and Happy learning  Jap