Hi, so I have been set a question to find a percentage error of an experiement. But it looks like to me I have not been told all the information I need? I may well be mistaken here. The formula I have been given is:

Percent error = (Experimental value - theoretical value) / (theoretical value) x 100%
Then the question set is:

An electric current might be meassured as (2.0 + or - 0.02) amperes. The symbol for amperes is A. This means the error is + or - 0.02 A, and the true current is somewhere between (2.0 - 0.02) A and (2.0 + 0.02) A It lies between 1.98 A and 2.02 A Calculate the percentage error in this instance?
I can't work out which bits I substitute into the formula. Make sense to anyone?